Born in Paris, Nadia Ratsimandresy discovered (at the age of 9) her fascination with music and the Ondes Martenot in the class of Françoise Pellié Murail in Evry, France.


After graduating from the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) in 2002, she is dedicated to chamber music and the performing arts. She developped, simultaneously with her work as a chamber musician an original solo répertoire for her instrument and electronic processing in real-time: Mimetic (aka Jérôme Soudan), Sarah Wéry, Matt Collins and Zeena Parkins dedicated some of their pieces to her. She composes for the theatre and for dance, and many instrumental works with or without electronic systems complete her catalog, which reflects its incarnated energy. A true improviser, Nadia has shared the stage with Cécile Thévenot, Okkyung Lee, Maria Chavez, Paul Pignon and Annabelle Playe. 


In 2020, she was appointed president of Futurs Composés, a national network for music creation.

Since September 2021, she has been co-directing with Annabelle Playe, AnA Compagnie - accompanied by Full Rhizome, a cooperative society of collective interest.


For 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, Ratsimandrey will be Associate Composer of Les Scènes Croisées de Lozère - Scène Conventionnée.