Born in Paris, Nadia Ratsimandresy discovered (at the age of 9) her fascination with music and the Ondes Martenot in the class of Françoise Pellié Murail in Evry, France.


After graduating from the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) in 2002, she is dedicated to chamber music and the performing arts. She developped, simultaneously with her work as a chamber musician an original solo répertoire for her instrument and electronic processing in real-time: Mimetic (aka Jérôme Soudan), Sarah Wéry, Matt Collins and Zeena Parkins dedicated some of their pieces to her. She composes for the theatre and for dance, and many instrumental works with or without electronic systems complete her catalog, which reflects its incarnated energy. A true improviser, Nadia has shared the stage with Cécile Thévenot, Okkyung Lee, Maria Chavez or Paul Pignon. 


Nadia is currently Professor of Onde at the Regional Conservatoire of Boulogne-Billancourt. In 2020, she was appointed president of Futurs Composés, a national network for musical creation.


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Having Advanced Training Diplomas in Onde Martenot and Musical Acoustics, both obtained in 2002 at the Paris Conservatoire, Nadia is dedicated to chamber music and the performing arts. In 2006 she co-founded the 3D Trio with soprano Virginie Colette and guitarist Sophie Marechal, with whom she has premièred numerous compositions for this ensemble (Régis Campo, Frédérick Martin, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Colin Roche). She collaborated with the Italian pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos on the program Messiaen around Messiaen, dedicated to Messiaen and his students, and released on CD for the English RER label Megacorp in 2008, following a tribute tour that year (Angelica Festival, Curva Minore, Ravenna Festival, Area Sismica). Contemporary ensemble works include Volta, comprising 2 ondes, electric guitar and percussion, and is a group that has been navigating between rock and contemporary music since 2012.


Nadia also works

with Judith Depaule’s company, Mabel Octobre, in Paris (You dream - Yuri did it cosmic spectacle, 2007 - Not Even Dead, a multimedia show for children, for which Nadia composed the score in 2010 - The Cosmic Voyage, 2011);


with the ensemble from Valenciennes, Art Zoyd (The Man with a Camera in 2007 - Half Asleep Already, 2011 - Three Dreams Not Valid, 2013 - Vampyr, 2014 - 44 ans 1/2, 2015 - Voyage dans la Lune, 2016 - Forêt de Samplers, 2020). 


Other, more specific projects:

- Sweet Dreams, a show of German and Swiss choreographers Isabelle Schad and Simone Aughterlony, for which she co-wrote the music with Laurent Dailleau, 2009

- Between 2'0" involving the Trio 3D, with composers André Serre-Milan and Tao Yu, 2013 

- Solo invitations: Festival l'Arsenale, Italie 2015, Sydney Glebe Justice Center, Canberra International Music Festival, Melbourne Recital Center, Australie 2016 and Music@VillaRomana, Italie 2016, Hindgfestival, Denmark 2017, Musiques Libres, Besançon 2017


Nadia developed a solo program of electronic wave and inaugurated in September 2012 in City Sonic Festival (Mons, Belgium) with a re-interpretation of Solo für mit Melodie-Instrument Rückkopplung (1965-1966) by Karlheinz Stockhausen, recreated for Ondes Martenot and patch Max MSP (developed by Carl Faia, live sound designer, in the Art Zoyd studios). 

This recital included original works by Carl Faia, Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi and Mimetic aka Jérôme Soudan and premiered in November 2015 at the Consortium in Dijon, produced by Why Note - with Baptiste Chatel, sound engineer and is currently touring (la Semaine du Son à Châlons-sur-Saone in Jan 2016, Festival Electron in Geneva in March 2016, Espace Gantner in Montbéliard in April 2016, Festival Confluences in Paris in April 2016, Copenhagen Avant-Garde music festival in Denmark in June 2016, Gävle Theater in Sweden in December 2016) with a new piece by Li-Ying Wu premiered in June 2016 in Copenhagen. This recital will expand with new commissions to Zeena Parkins (commissioned by Césaré and Huddersfield), Sarah Wery (commissioned by Ars Musica) and Nicola Sani (commissioned by Ars Musica) premiered during Fall 2018, Matt Collins premiered during Winter 2019, Why Note as line producer and production manager.


Two new projects in 2019: Krumbktus, a Danish trio, with Alexandra Carlgren, cello & Ying-Hsueh, percussions (Klang Music Festival in Copenhagen, DK & Hindsgval Festival, in Middelfart, DK) and Tanzania Wolves with Cécile Thévenot, pianist, a live electronic performance.


Nadia has been Professor of Ondes & Synthesizers at the Regional Conservatoire of Boulogne-Billancourt since January 2015.