Olivier Messiaen

Les Trois Petites Liturgies de la présence divine (1944, 35')

for 36-voice female choir, piano, ondes Martenot, celesta, vibraphone, percussion (3 players : small tam, maracas, big tam-tam) and string orchestra (8-8-6-6-4)


Olivier Messiaen

Turangalîla Symphony (1948, 75-80')

Very large orchestra, inspired by the Tristan and Isolde Myth, title derived from Sanskrit words turanga (=time, movement or rhythm) and lîla (=past time, sport or play).


André Jolivet

Concerto for Ondes Martenot (1947, premiered 1948, 23') sax, timpani, 2 percussion, celesta, vibraphone, xylophone, harp, stringquintet*

Can also be performed with more strings of chamber orchestral dimensions


New work with orchestra

Li-Ying Wu

Flamboyer (2022, 30')

Concerto for 2 percussions and orchestra - with obbligato ondes Martenot part